Zion is online! Yes my dream came true! You can reach my own server running debian under
zion.file-factory.com! I have now a CVS server running on it. Thats pretty cool. A Counter-Strike Server is also running on it, with some pretty stats. It's really cool, to have an own webserver. From now on, I'll have most of the downloads running from there. Eventuelly I will also make the things avaiable through ftp, lets see.



Tormin3D Version 0.0.09 released.
In addition to that I repaired some links and improved the Tormin3D site.



I made some cosmetic changes to the site, and repaired some links.



The File-Factory Site is started to be redesigned!



Sorry, that it took so long for an update of this site. But one problem was, that I had some problems with our Computer, so I could not go online for 2 months or so. In addition I changed the concept a little bit, so there come some change in the future: - I decided to keep my Label "Digital Design Studios" for images and so on. But DDS is now a member of File-Factory. - Soon File-Factory-Network (FF-Net) will be founded, a small network of pages I support or host - I think I will remove the Downloads-section, because Tools will not be avaiable in near future. - Perhaps I will add a UT-Maps-section, depending on how soon UnrealED 2 will work on my PC - Of course DDS will get an own section.


26. 05. 2000

The Gallery was updated with 5 more images. More images follow in some days. The Gallery has now it's own Counter.


25. 05. 2000

After some terrible hours of designing the layout of the site is finished, now the content can be made. 3 hours later: Now look what we've got there! - Some content! :-) FILE FACTORY is online!!!