What is File Factory? Primary, File Factory is only a name I invented. It's the name of me, my internet-site, and all I produce. I'am doing a lot on the computer, but what I really do, is producing files. That sounds a little strange, but thats the way it goes. So why not File Factory? The site www.file-factory.com is always the first place to get information about all that has something to do with me. It's my small portal, that links to all which deals with me. That's all. *g*


About me:

I'm just a 20 years old boy, living in germany. I'm currently starting to learn an IT-Job. In my free time I do a lot of things, but mostly hanging around at my computer. (go to the 'projects'-section, to see what I'm doing). I programming in C++, using OpenGL, learning Qt/KDE programming, learning MSVC++ at work and making webpages. And when I'm bored of those things, I take a pcgame and play a little bit. Apart from that I have a girlfriend, which doesn't want to get forget also... *g*

If you want to email me: danielhaas@file-factory.com